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im not gonna use same style like this again ; dont have particular style is a good thing i guess 😛 in my room all day long bout not actually kekekkekekek again from 11 am to 5 pm exploring with software im gonna use for creating animatio. just to make me more comfortable with the […]

you tube is down at the moment so you can only see white space below 😛 , hope be back to normal soon, well itsbacktonormalnow regards.

Michael Dudok de wit – father and daughter Ryan : animation documenter based on canadian animator Ryan larkin life, part 1: part2

today actually testing zbrush again wekkekekekek im really curious with this software from 1 pm till 5 pm gone just to experiment with this software kekkeke from 5 pm i start to draw with figure or actually portrait i didnt know actually well just draw and draw ,some are good some are bad and some […]

monday 27th nov


today masterclass quite boring hehehhe not like what im expected anyway after masterclass i’ve decided to go to newport to buy some halal meat coz i didnt have any more stock at that time. and then in city centre i was going to hmv looking for gorillaz dvd ( not in my plan actually ) […]

abstract discussion yesterday remind me about my early day with graphic quite done a lot abstract art hehehhehe and its unique coz each audience can interpert differently.infact lot of my earlier work influence with this kind of art. maybe its kinda common or usual stuff in graphic design.anyway i like abstract motion by lynnnfox […]



for taxonomy i have a clear view what im gonna do with this animation project doing quick sketch , character design and sort of story and story board in it. have to do it in 2d mix 3d for now hiks gonna be a late night work again. for production bible i have check all […]