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Densha otoko


well yesterday finally i had a chance to watch this jdrama ( 11-episode + 2 special episode + movie version – all in one day hufffff ) , im quite suprised and satisfied with this drama ehheheh full of rollercoaster enjoyable story. my friend actually had recomended this drama way back ago but dont know […]

well cant believe it since christmas, just wasting time played this football manager game ( im kinda addicted with this game huahauahu ) and watched some movie, 3 days wasted , and change the character also , coz i got this music from dj altuna , its about love, so im using more narative approach […]

crazy week


huaaaaaaaaa 2 more weeks for hand in all of those animation damn gelo pisan ieu mah . for tax im only have around 30-40 second now and lots i mean lots thing to do , i decided to change my character to simple one hehhehe for production sake , not doing that human character for […]

taxonomy update


boring huehuehu damn 3 hours rendering uh my mistake doing composition with res 2000 x 1500 something , kkeke and too lazy to redo it forget with the original compos window , so decided doing some sketching for the next scene , reading one of the 10 books i borrow from the library and also […]

bhuebuebuebuebuehuehuehuehue so funny 😛 another wicked video from japan damn they’re so creative huhuhuuhuh juicy inspiration flooooooodddddddd

well few days ago i heard this tune from ram rider damn so good typical elektro/trance/ambience etc geeez i’ve to find his album , damn kekek nice video ; nice tune also :)) . 😀 😀 😀 😀 ★★★★/★★★★★

im looking for nirvana video n’ found this video from youtube, the interesting point is this guy comment : This music must be overhype fabricated record company crap because of all the useless comments on this thread. Cobain was just a god damn human being like anybody else…he was a depressed manic fuck who wanted […]