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well old werkz only but hope you all can check it out hehehhehe thanks . just renew it and hopefully gonna add my reel soon huff Advertisements

for dripsplitboing digital ; well i gonna edit it and redo it again for better animation ; format = animation bumper



only 10 % of my original idea become reality in this project halah ……. gonna add more i think …. ——————– i’ll revamp this animation now adding more scene now

; choose my own story that i mostly confident about , then fairy tale and how to …. but you can see the cover of how to and fairytale below time to shape my skill in 3d now hufffffffffffff.  working with this project start in february mixed media 3d stuff  huhuhuhuhu



L : my own story : FLOAT   ; M : how to catch your bus ? ( Story of Buscatcher ) ; R: Mindlove ( fairytales set in 2100 ) huff Float -> dark movie , violence + kill kill Buscatcher – > happy happy funny homy movie Mindlove -> noir style animation movie […]



screencap dripsplifuink huehueheu i really enjoyed animating with this style kinda sick though animating human look alike character so damn boring :)) . my mistake with the taxonomy project , huffff its more like motion graphic stuff rather than animation ( only animating graphic not character ). btw my dripsplongbong in analog is totally crap […]

huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa damn i kinda addicted now with dorama. oh no after anime and actionfigure now this. maybe i’ve to go to japan someday :P. pic : from taxonomy project …………………………………………oh no !