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mtv contact


oh man this is great well i have to contact the dj for license etc ueeeeee ——————— ——————— ——————— Perfect!! To know how to proceed with the license that allow us to broadcast your video, we need to know if you own the copyright of the soundtrack in the video or maybe is owned by […]

Group project


still in progress today talk with nath about the treatment and schedule also looking for an actor found one prospect actor but still dont / not sure about that and also thinking using live action mix with animation but well we have to put that away and decided to go with photo montage for the […]


you can watch it in click here



i was travelling around caerleon during heavy snowfall 2 days ago kekekk. rare moment have to capture it on my camera so within 2 straight days im collecting bunch of photo from caerleon area. more photo:

Temporary reel


have an idea about one week film project stuff duration 5-10 second i dont know if i can be consistent with this but i give it a try anyway and praticing with maya. for job placement i am really really interested with collisionfilms because mainly they in music video industry and i am really interested […]

initial idea


for group proj pilot. not gonna make the same mistake again like sem 1 ( time management errore ) 😛 anyway still initial idea …………. still have to discuss it with the rest of the group. ( nath and rafiq ). uh so exicited finally have a chance to work in 3d animation :p but […]