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no no not the final film but this little film ……. ; my new animation ; part of mommo fummo series the idea is to pick one weird word and then ask random people what they think about that word in 5 second in just one word. the animation is based on all the answers. […]

almost done


i almost finish this short animation and the conclusion is hhohohohoho animating in 3d actually quite fun but you have to spend a lot in pre animating such as rigging etc. well hehhe like it anyway. tomorrow i’ll continue my final film proj ,,,,,,,,,,

animation test


i need to get out from this final project thing …………… just need to fresh up my spirit and brain may be ………. so i decide to make short animation ( really short ) 😛 …to test animation in 3d and i want to make a cartooonnnn kawaiiii stuff …………



done now i can go home peacefully kekekkekek :D/ see you next semester folks :p btw beside directing compositing animating. i also made the music huehueheuh exciting new experience

modelling test


i am testing zbrush for 3-4 days and now i really like this software wkekwkkewkekwk so easy and intuitive working in : dripsplitfunk extended version 🙂 and group project : 😀 * modelling test and actually right now i am learning abot displacemnet map and stuff like that. uhm

Temporary reel


have an idea about one week film project stuff duration 5-10 second i dont know if i can be consistent with this but i give it a try anyway and praticing with maya. for job placement i am really really interested with collisionfilms because mainly they in music video industry and i am really interested […]