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no no not the final film but this little film ……. ; my new animation ; part of mommo fummo series the idea is to pick one weird word and then ask random people what they think about that word in 5 second in just one word. the animation is based on all the answers. […]

below : animation from indonesia nice one but where they came from ,i dont know

goodnight electric – Trembling mind my fav indo electro band , first saw them on O channel paranoia / jakarta movement : i really like ” sci-fi love” song so bad, the tune is awesome ………….

the jadugar


mv director np : im trying to be consistent here hehehehe fill this blog daily well hope so  

video FTD


Bjork All is full of love dir :Chris Cunningham stereovilla – peri yang bijak dir : ? *gee have to maintain 2 blog now + abandon portfolio website been busy huff i’ll try to update as soon as possible .huekz wish me luck

uh starting to stress again huhauhaua my my. i need some refreshing. PPI Bristol ( indonesian student union ) planning for a trip to bath next saturday. I think im gonna join this trip. Video of the day GravenHurst – The Velvet Cell dir : Thomas Hicks video from indonesia Dewi – Simply Dir : […]