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well this is what i mean with empty space……… or may be i just gonna called this movie ……space ? Advertisements

almost done


i almost finish this short animation and the conclusion is hhohohohoho animating in 3d actually quite fun but you have to spend a lot in pre animating such as rigging etc. well hehhe like it anyway. tomorrow i’ll continue my final film proj ,,,,,,,,,,

feel sexy


nice video ……. 😀

directed by kosai sekine



i was travelling around caerleon during heavy snowfall 2 days ago kekekk. rare moment have to capture it on my camera so within 2 straight days im collecting bunch of photo from caerleon area. more photo:

bhuebuebuebuebuehuehuehuehue so funny 😛 another wicked video from japan damn they’re so creative huhuhuuhuh juicy inspiration flooooooodddddddd

well few days ago i heard this tune from ram rider damn so good typical elektro/trance/ambience etc geeez i’ve to find his album , damn kekek nice video ; nice tune also :)) . 😀 😀 😀 😀 ★★★★/★★★★★