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caramell dansen


I am one of kaskusers ( the biggest indonesian community on the net) and i found this kind of anime avatar . and then couple of days later more avatar like this starting to appear and i kinda curious what the hell is this hahahahah. its really funny ……. and recently i found out that […]

browsinggggggg and its already 2:40 am damn… ………. all day long uhhuhuuhuhuhu ……i still kinda confuse with the main char visual looks and for the story , the inspiration came up when i was browsing and found this one particular hongkong image and i though damn its gonna be interesting to tell a story about […]

doraemon ……… uaaaaaaaaa what a memory. love it may be since i was in kindergarten along side with dragonball z two animation that got me hooked :p



ok summer holiday just around the corner. nothing much to do here . we’ll be back to uk around september… anyway found this clip i think its really hilarious :p watch it



DSCN1764, originally uploaded by machda. hu hooooooo have a great time and more importantly making new friend hehehehhe ok back to work now.

despretly need a break i will go to bournemouth tomorrow for paintballing with ppi uk ( Indonesian student assosication ) etc etc etc be back soon. hopefully when i come back , im gonna have some fresh idea and brain ………… do the same o’ stuff……………….. btw i was in bristol yesterday here some of […]

playing around


well been exploring google earth and kinda addicted now hauhauhau anyway look at this part of my home town picture , well very crowded indeed compare here in uk its kinda like holiday hahhahah but i miss indonesia sooo much – no new work to show hufff may be later –