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still working with this music video. not doing any uni work right now  kyaaaaaaaaaa…. hopefully i’ll finish this mv  tomorrow or friday. i’ll post it here once i finish it. Advertisements

for dripsplitboing digital ; well i gonna edit it and redo it again for better animation ; format = animation bumper

; choose my own story that i mostly confident about , then fairy tale and how to …. but you can see the cover of how to and fairytale below time to shape my skill in 3d now hufffffffffffff.  working with this project start in february mixed media 3d stuff  huhuhuhuhu

today planning actually creating animation but it end up just creating buch of illustration. I think i miss making illustration. since got here ( UK ) not creating illustration at all ( with no brief / my own visual exploration ) :P. but today im practicing also with the visual treatment im planning to adapt […]