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update : animating start : :p note : still raw i’ll do stylize version later i pretty much spending my Saturday evening creating this sets ( while watching 1 liter of tears special hahahhaha …….. bis ga ada stok pelm lagi sih :p) ………….and still need to model more props, will finish it tomorrow and […]

done with the storyboarding i’ll give it more detail while im working with something else. right now im starting to create all 3d object for the final film. adventure start here :D. actually this model only take a small part(act as a bg :p) in the movie but this 3d model more like a challenge […]

browsinggggggg and its already 2:40 am damn… ………. all day long uhhuhuuhuhuhu ……i still kinda confuse with the main char visual looks and for the story , the inspiration came up when i was browsing and found this one particular hongkong image and i though damn its gonna be interesting to tell a story about […]



will send it to italy next monday hufff…… thank to stefano for his patient :D. it takes a while because i have to compose the music by myself uhuks. and use extra time to makeĀ  better animation :D.

more scene :p


Directed by machda,nath script by nath : storyboard by machda art direction and design by machda photography ; machda and nath compositing : machda additional compositing : nath 3d animation & modelling : rafiq additional 3d : machda 2d animation & actor : nath