Me and my film ” Empty Space ” has been selected as part trailblazers programme @ Edinburgh International Film Festival




super busy but happy ;p,

mtvasia id


directed by Firman Machda, music by mtv :p


The three BONUS FILMS on 43 make up the Student Mini Film Fest 2 – a trio of accomplished shorts as disparate in geography and technique as they are in content and tone. Make sure you don’t miss “Doggy Bag” from Guillaume Cassuto, Thomas Moine and Sylvain Perlot at Supinfocom, “My Paper Mind” from Javan Ivey at the Pratt Institute, and “Empty Space” from Firman Machda at the University of Wales.


caramell dansen


I am one of kaskusers ( the biggest indonesian community on the net) and i found this kind of anime avatar


and then couple of days later more avatar like this starting to appear and i kinda curious what the hell is this hahahahah. its really funny ……. and recently i found out that this hype is caramell dansen

and theres a video to hahahhahahaha love it. :p

original version :

and here is the best part :p ….. from

yay I am one of the winners in mytoons bumper competition. 😀